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Auntie Sarah

definately the horses! They are beautiful!! Who won?

Carrie Kim

I don't know who won.
I took this picture in Uzbekistan last time I was there. I thought I had lost it when our computer crashed. But Big E retrieved the pictures off of the old hard drive:) Yay!
I was rooting for the horses too until we passed the three little boys about ten minutes down the road, running as fast as they could. They were so little and so barefoot and looked so frantic; I couldn't help but hope they caught their horses. I was also worried they would get hit b/c they were all, the horses and the boys, running on a highway against traffic.


How funny. Runaway horses.


What ? You have little boys running barefoot in Michigan in March ? I thought you had possums and bats and thought that was enough already.
You know, you might have a long winter, but you sure can't complain about the entertainment up where you live.

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