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you are totally right. this is the 'montage' sequence.


which song are you going to pick?

and...you *know* that with the montage scene, whoever is in it gets an automatic makeover and prom.

this was such a great post. i love how you write about something most people would just get deflated about.

: )


Cue the music and cue the supporting cast! This montage needs perhaps the group of friends rallying to your side...coming through your door bearing power tools and such to get the job done.
Ditto...your attitude is positive!


Oh my gosh, I could have written this post because it sounds just like me! I hope it all comes together for you soon.

Auntie Sarah

wow I wish you weren't so far away best friend! I would love to barge thru your door bright and early in the morning with coffee, donuts, power tools, and paint!!!!! Distance isn't really the only problem though, because behind me would march in 4 tiny kids (one of which REALLY loves tools and knows more about them than I do!) but realistically we probably couldn't get much done other than eat the donuts, drink the coffee, and make a bigger mess of your house!! I'll try and think of a good song for you though!!!

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